With a rich heritage stretching back over 120 years, the Thomson brand has taken part in the greatest technological revolutions and has always set out to make innovation accessible to all. Today, the Thomson brand is there to help us all in our daily lives at home and beyond, through one of the widest ranges of products and useful, innovative, reliable and stylish solutions: TV / Audio-Video / Telephony / Computers & Tablets / Connected Devices / Home / Small & Large Appliances / Healthcare & Well-being.
For over 90 years, the RCA brand has been there for countless moments in family rooms across America.  Through it all, families have come to expect exceptional performance, quality, innovation and value from RCA product.  Today, the RCA brand symbolizes American ingenuity worldwide.  Its iconic name can be found on flat-panel and 4K televisions, tablets, smartphones home appliances and many other products.  From the biggest public moments to the smaller more personal ones, RCA has been a part of lives and will continue to be – today, tomorrow and well into the future.
The SABA brand emerged from the Schwarzwälder Apparate-Bau-Anstalt (SABA) electronic equipment company in 1923 in Germany’s Black Forest – an area known today as Baden-Wϋrttemberg. Over the years, the company’s product range has become associated with high quality: component parts for broadcast receivers; complete radio sets; TVs; tape recorders -- and even a record label (MPS Records) in the late 1960s. With the acquisition by Thomson SA of the TV set production group in 1980, the SABA brand continued to represent high-quality, yet affordable, consumer electronics and household appliances. Modern-day affordability, quality, reliability and simplicity continue to be the hallmarks of the SABA brand.
Launched in 2014, Aquajam is an award winning waterproof speaker line.
On the back of our award winning speaker, the AJ1, we have now expanded our offering to a full range of speakers and accessories. Our products are unique in the fact that they are designed to work as well in the water as they do out of it.
We believe in creating feature rich products with a difference in design and performance. The result is an exceptional audio experience truly built for the outdoors.
The original vertical filing system was developed by IFI’s founding partners in 1992. Now reinvented in the latest materials, IFI’s internationally patented Sorted range is used and enjoyed by millions world wide.
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